Puppies are sold with limited registration. We always reserve the first one or two in a litter for future breeding stock and show prospects. After that, we consider the needs and the desires of each purchaser and attempt to match that with the instincts of the pup to give you exactly what you want. You may come to the kennel and select your pup, with our guidance, or we will select one for you and ship from Little Rock National Airport to your destination.

All our breeding stock are thoroughly examined for genetic abnormalities before they are used in our breeding program. Some tests such as eyes are cleared annually. We endeavor to produce individuals that are genetically perfect and sell our pups with a written guarantee. In turn for this guarantee we ask some things from you, our customers. There are certain needs that any dog must have to live a happy productive life. We value our puppies very much and would never place them into a situation that would not be good for them. We want to talk with you about that, and our agreement carries wording to that effect.

Generally, puppies are ready to leave the litter at seven to eight weeks of age. They come to you with all appropriate shots, carefully wormed, and with a certificate from a veterinarian stating their condition.

Older individuals will carry an appropriate guarantee, either written or verbal, depending on the individual and the situation.

Our quoted price is always FOB Biscoe, Arkansas. You will need to purchase a crate or we will purchase one for you. This cost will be added to the cost of the pup and should be paid before shipping. The air bill may be paid to the airline upon delivery, or we will get a quote, and it too can be paid with the purchase price.

We take deposits on the pups ($200) and often have all the pups in a litter sold before they are born. The deposit is non-refundable. If a specific litter doesn't have the type and color of pup you want, we will apply it to the next litter, which could improve your pick order. Call or e-mail for the prices on specific litters and individuals.

In short, we want to provide you with a quality pup that you will be proud to own--one that will fit your family life and become a part of you.


We encourage you to consider breeding your good bitch to one of our stud dogs. We ship chilled semen or will be glad to board your bitch and breed her naturally. There are certain clearances that you must provide for each of these situations.

If we ship semen, you will need to provide:
1) OFA copies of hips and elbow status.
2) Current CERF for eyes.
3) Copy of registration and pedigree on your bitch.

If you bring your bitch here, in addition to the above you will need:
1) Current vaccination records.
2) Current brucellosis test (It can take a week to get this done)

Stud service is FOB Biscoe, Arkansas. Semen kits, shipping, and stud fees are dependent on your location and the stud dog chosen and must be paid before shipping. Please call or e-mail to discuss the particulars.